foto by Marcus-Andreas Mohr
foto by Marcus-Andreas Mohr

How to take part

Greetings, friends of the detuned!

Con- and dissonances unite!
We are looking for music of THE OTHER KIND, music that existed before our receptors were befouled by bad presets and format radio.

Come out of your holes, you moles!
The church of noise is waiting.

Sincerely yours,
Felix Kubin (Gagarin Records)
Felix Raeithel (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)

Bring your music on a clearly labelled CD-R (check out the format specifications and submission guidlines) to our show and hand it over at the DJ desk. Prior to that, send an email with 3-5 sentences about your project/band to: with subject line “Kellerkrach”.
Don’t forget to attach an mp3 for pre-listening (this doesn’t replace the CD-R demo!).

Our demo DJ set is always broadcast and streamed by a local radio station. The tracks and artists are announced on twitter during the evening.

After each event we release a compilation of our favourite tracks on tape and bandcamp.