Submission formats

    • Audio CD-R (preferred) or audio cassette tape.
      The CD-R has to be an audio CD, not a data CD.
    • Max. 3 tracks of solely UNRELEASED material
    • Digital files (aif, wav in 16bit 44.1khz) are only accepted in exceptional cases, e.g. if you can’t attend the show. You have to send them in time via wetransfer to
    • We don’t accept soundcloud or any other musical platform links!
    • VERY IMPORTANT: you have to properly label your CD/MC. We need your artist name, track title, track duration and email contact!!!
    • If you can’t come in person, send your CD-R early enough , this means for demo dandies at kampnagel, hamburg make sure they arrive 25.2.2019 at the postbox:
      Felix Raeithel
      Gaußstrasse 25b
      22765 Hamburg
  • Personally submitted CD-Rs will be preferred, we want you to be at our show!!