Who are the Demo Dandies?

You are the Demo Dandies!

The guys on the picture are not. They are the hosts who will present your very own demos: Felix Kubin & Felix Raeithel aka Istari Lasterfahrer.

The Demo Dandies show is an experimental DJ set, radio broadcast and field research of underground music. Every event takes place in another city. During the show we accept, play and comment on demo tapes that the audience – you! – bring along.

This is not “Pop Idol” or “Britain’s got talent”, this is a wardrobe full of smelly tongues. We believe in the raw energy of the uncompromising idea, we believe in Trip Hazard Disco, Flip Flop, Noise Pop, Classic and Mineralism, Wersi Galaxis, Shrinkbeat, Kindercore, Atomic Rock, Heavy Listening and Rear End Collision. Only teeth grow back. Everything else is targeted coincidence.

We invite all sound hasardeurs, anti-pop flaneurs, undiscovered geniuses, non-normalized weirdos & lonesome tape manipulators to join the church of noise!

Our favourite tracks are released on our tape label Wir Rufen Zurück.